STP Midpoint Lodging

Centralia Community Church welcomes you to stay with us during this year's STP! Your registration fee includes sleeping space in an air-conditioned building on carpeted gym floor with an air mattress. Amenities include on-site showers (towels included), secured indoor bike storage, Wi-Fi, baked potato bar dinner (5-7pm Saturday), and an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast (4:30-6:45am Sunday). No alcohol or tobacco please. At the start line, place your baggage on the Centralia baggage truck.




Single Rider $50/person


Group: $300 up to 5 (additional members add $50/rider)

includes all of the above plus a private classroom for your group

Family and Friends:

For $20/space we will provide space for non-pedaling family/friends to park an RV. Add $10/person to include showers and meals.


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