Life Groups

At CCCOG, no matter what stage of life you might be in, we have a Life Group for you! There are a variety of groups to choose from.  Most groups meet on Sunday evenings, with several groups meeting during the week. Life Groups are normally made up of 10-12 people, and allow you to connect with others on a deeper level than Sunday morning and usually consist of a time of Bible study, prayer, and encouragement. 


Ongoing Life Groups - Join at any Time



Men, during our weekly forgings on Saturday mornings at 7:30am in the C3 Ministry Center, we’ll be undertaking Focus on the Family's "The Truth Project". We will explore the question "Do you really believe that what you belive is really real?"


For Men Only

Our FMO groups provide support and accountabilty for guys who are striving for sexual purity, and are open to any and all men. If you'd like to attend the study contact us and we'll get you in touch with the leaders.



Thrive is a College community of real friends, who love to encourage and inspire each other. We meet to talk about Jesus, pray together, encourage each other, grow together, and love each other. Thursday evenings at 9PM in the C3 Ministry Center.